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Benefit Member Services Phone Number Carrier Website Plan Number
Medical 800-244-6224 Visit Now
Pharmacy 800-424-0472 Visit Now RxBIN: 017449
Dental 800-244-6224 Visit Now
Vision 844-251-6462 Visit Now
Health Savings Account 866-451-3399 Visit Now
Employee Assistance Program 800-538-3543 Visit Now
Accident 866-445-8874 Visit Now
Hospital Indemnity 855-672-3231 Visit Now
Critical Illness 866-445-8874 Visit Now
Life and AD&D 888-842-4462 Visit Now Basic Life: FLX969026
Basic AD&D: K970484
Supp. Life: FLX969026
Short-Term Disability 888-842-4462 Visit Now SHD963343
Long-Term Disability 888-842-4462 Visit Now FLK961056
401(k) 888-338-4015 Visit Now
Telemedicine 888-726-3171 Visit Now
Commuter Benefits 866-451-3399 Visit Now
Benefits Service Center 877-368-6053

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