YOU MUST ENROLL IN OR DECLINE BENEFITS if you wish to be covered for benefits beginning on September 1, 2019.

Making Changes

Qualified Life Events (QLE) allow you to make changes within the year as long as you make the change and provide the required supporting documentation within 31 days from the date of the event. Examples of these include, but are not limited to, marriage, divorce, birth or adoption, and a change in benefit eligibility.

If you experience one of the events below, please notify us of the change here or call 877-368-6053 within 31 days of the event. If you miss this deadline, you may have to wait until the next Benefits Open Enrollment period to make changes.

Marital Status

Getting married, legally separating, or getting divorced qualifies as a Life Event eligible for a change.


Birth of a child, adopting a child, obtaining legal custody of a child, or a death of a child qualifies as a Life Event.

Coverage Limit

If one or more of your dependents has reached the coverage age limit of 26 years old.


If you’ve recently become eligible for Medicare or have lost access to Medicare, you’re eligible for a Life Event change.

Gain/Loss of Other Coverage

If you or your spouse has acquired or lost other coverage, you're eligible for a Life Event change.

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